How to Start Coding – All You Need is Here

The field your could go into and see growth in a lifetime is Programming. Our lives run on code. Everything from stoplights to smartphones operates according to code. Without computer programmers, most of us wouldn’t know what to do. And as our society becomes increasingly reliant on technology, the greater the demand for programmers becomes.

And even if you doesn’t go into programming specifically, programming concepts are needed for a wide variety of jobs. Teachers use programming to create apps for their students. Writers use programming to create websites and blogs to showcase their content. In fact, there are very few professions in which programming concepts simply are not needed.

You may think that programming is far too complicated to learn. This is understandable, especially since most of us think of programming as walls of characters that are completely foreign to us. However, programming courses make many different programming languages accessible to everybody interested in coding.

Yes, you really can learn how to code. In fact, you can learn the basics in just a week. It sounds a little crazy, but there are some very good reasons why you can pick up these complex concepts in such minimal time.

The biggest reason is that programming languages are languages. The main difference between our spoken languages and code is that with spoken language, we communicate with each other; with code, we communicate with machines. So embrace this time in your life when learning to think flexibly and creatively in a programming language is easiest.

Below are two of the programming courses that will enhance your coding skills

Adventures in Programming, Ages 8-12

This one-week summer camp is designed to help you learn the basics of computer programming. Using Java, students will start out with drag-and-drop tools to make sure they have the foundational concepts down. From there, they will move into Processing, the program that serves as a formal introduction to the Java language. This is a great place to start with their programming courses

Java for App and Game Development, Ages 12-17

This is a more advanced class that is centered around the use of LibGDX, a Java-based library that professional app and game designers use. It is best that students enrolling in this class have some prior programming experience. However, the instructors work hard to make sure students find it challenging, yet accessible. By the time this programming course ends, you will have created your app.